Life Skills to Teach Your Child to Avoid the Pigsty!

Life Skills to Teach Your Child to Avoid the Pigsty!

As any parent will tell you, maintaining a clean and efficient home when you have children is an ongoing battle. Just when you have everything in perfect order, it explodes into a mess of clothes, dishes, and toys. Fortunately, your child is an impressionable, little lump of clay. This means you can mold them into people who share your values and, hopefully, cleanliness. Here are a few skills that you can teach your child to encourage a neater home.

Handling The Dishes

Once your child has mastered eating with utensils on their own, it may a great time to teach them to put their dirty dishes away. Obviously, the level of this skill depends on their personal abilities. You can teach your child to clear the table, clean their plate and place it on the counter, or even load the dishwasher. Family meals require a significant amount of clean-up. The sooner they learn how they contribute to this mess, the better off they will be.


Another messy aspect of having a family is the laundry. Instead of spending years picking up and putting away your child's dirty clothes, you can involve them in the process. Show them the assigned area for their wet or dirty laundry. Allow them to help with folding and putting the clothes away as well. This is another skill that will follow your child into adulthood. Teaching them early helps your home and their own future home.

Toy Management

Even as adults, we learn that people are willing to take more responsibility for the things we truly value. You can enforce this important lesson by instructing them to pick up their own toys after playtime. There are several ways to go about this. For example, parents could help their child identify the toy box and explain its purpose. You could establish a special “clean-up time” that includes a little song. There should also be consequences when their toys are not properly put away.