How to Teach Your Child Independence

How to Teach Your Child Independence

Parents often want their children to learn how to develop independence and feel confidence in themselves. Although kids tend to gravitate towards their parents, there are ways to make them more self-sufficient. When you want to teach your child independence, there are a few tips to follow.

Give Your Child Responsibilities

Raising up an independent child will require you to have responsibilities that you provide them with throughout the week. Teach your child to make their bed each day or empty the dishwasher. They can also be responsible for feeding the family dog or cleaning up their room after they play. Providing them with responsibilities will help them to stay committed and will allow them to develop discipline.

You will also need to discipline the child for not fulfilling their responsibilities. There should be consequences if they get lazy or forget to complete their chores to ensure that they make it more of a priority in the future.

Ask for Accountability

Help your child to be responsible for their actions by demanding accountability for mistakes or bad decisions that they make. Their ability to take responsibility for their actions is a critical part of helping them to become independent. When they begin to blame outside factors, sit down and discuss the situation. Help them to see the bigger picture and take ownership for their actions.

Encourage Your Kids to Explore

Encouraging your kids to explore will allow them to learn how to have courage and avoid staying too close to home or siblings. You can keep them on a short leash to ensure that they stay safe and help them to remain secure, but allow them to spend time outside or in new settings. Once you develop their sense of security, they'll become excited to explore the world around them and discover new parts of different types of environments.

Give Them Freedom

The only way that you child will learn how to become independent is if you give them freedom in their life. They should be capable of doing certain tasks on their own as they grow and develop. You can allow your child to walk to their friend's house in the neighborhood or go to the movies with their friends. At age eight, they should be able to walk or ride their bike to school each day instead of getting dropped off. Once they reach the age of 10, you can allow them to spend time at home alone without a sitter present.