How to Keep Your Home Organized During the Summer

How to Keep Your Home Organized During the Summer

Nothing can be more frustrating than having to figure out ways to keep things organized in everyday life until you add kids during the summer months. They are full of energy during the summer and keeping them entertained can make you fear a disorganized summer mess.

Here are some tips that will help you keep it all together and organized during the summer:

Make Organizing Kid Friendly and Fun

Happy Maids, a company offering cleaning services in Chicago, recommends that you involve your children in helping to keep everything organized. Create a chore list. Make the chores age appropriate for each child of course. You could also create a chart and let them check off their accomplishments or earn a star for each thing they do to help out. It will help them learn responsibility, help you keep organized and introduce some fun into the whole process. Getting the kids involved will reduce housework for you to do all summer!

Create a Play Space

If you need to keep some space for yourself and your children, create them their own space to play and enjoy their summer activities. This can be an area designated just for them, and you can add bean bags or chairs to make it feel comfier. Ask them what ideas they have for their space (pictures, books, furniture, toys) and implement them into their space. Space for the kids will create a divide between the kids creating clutter throughout the whole house during the day.

Have a Place for Everything

Establish a home for everything and return items to their proper place. This is great to get the kids involved in as you can give them designated baskets to sort into and return to their room daily creating a sense of accomplishment when they finish out a day full of play. Doing this will also alleviate the burden of having to do it all yourself.

Prepare for Vacation

Have plans for a vacation or a short trip? Prepare for it in advance by organizing a checklist and making sure that you will have all of the necessities you need. Create separate lists of tasks to do that you can complete 1 week before, a few days before, etc. This way by the time you need to leave for vacation, all of your cleaning is done and you can leave knowing you will return to a clean and organized home.

These tips can help you to make it through summer a little less disorganized and make things a little easier and enjoyable for you and your family.