How To Host An Awesome Pool Party

How To Host An Awesome Pool Party

Hosting a great pool party can be stressful, but it doesn’t need to be. Here are a few suggestions to throw a pool party your guests are sure to love.

The Refreshments

Every great pool party has certain party supplies to keep the people happy. You are going to want to serve some food and drinks. Hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken, and barbecue are all crowd favorites to enjoy around the pool. You might add some sides like chips and dip or a veggie tray. Sodas are a good choice for a pool party as well, but you might go with adult beverages depending on what kind of crowd you are expecting at this party.


Decorations are a part of any fun pool party. Maybe you want to go with a Hawaiian theme and pick up some stuff like that from a party store. Whatever theme you chose to go with, the bottom line is to keep it fun and inviting. Sunset Pools & Spas, a company which installs inground swimming pools in Chicago, adds that a properly installed and maintained pool is a stunning focal point to any party. Don’t stress too much about the decor, while it’s fun to have a theme, your guests are there for the pool.

Pool Supplies

All of the best pool parties have pool supplies. This includes things like inflatable things to lay on in the pool, pool noodles to play with, maybe water guns, a volleyball that is designed for the pool, etc. Great pool accessories add flair and something unique to your pool party.

Don't Forget The Invites

It would be a lot easier to just call people up and ask if they want to come for a swim, but where is the fun in that? Sending out invitations adds a little more class and exclusivity to the party. If someone receives an invite in the mail, they are more likely to understand that you want them at the party. Make sure to include this little touch to your party in order to make it personal and fun.