Fun Workout Routines That Involve Your Kids

Fun Workout Routines That Involve Your Kids

Fitting in your workout can seem almost impossible with kids running around. Luckily, we have 5 awesome tips to help busy moms get their fitness on! Keep reading for ways to stay in shape with kids.

1. Involve Them

Finding alone time to workout as a busy mom sometimes just isn't a reality. Instead, involve your kids and not only will you get in shape, they'll burn off some pent-up energy. Family yoga, dance parties, and even jogs will keep everyone feeling great. Have babies or toddlers? Try using them as the world's most adorable weights or investing in a jogging stroller to get you both some fresh air.

2. Create a Schedule

Moms are on-the-go with activities and commitments from morning til night. "To ensure you actually fit exercise into your busy schedule, make it an appointment in your calendar", suggests Dr. Weight Loss of Atlanta, an expert on legitimate weight loss plans. You wouldn't skip out on your kid's recital or a work meeting, so treat your workout time the same way. Nap time, early morning before the kids are awake, and post-bedtime are the perfect opportunities to take some "me time."

3. Get Help

With work and taking care of your family and yourself, there's a lot to juggle. Don't be afraid to seek out help! Join a gym, enlist a workout buddy, or hire someone to create a custom workout plan for you. This way, all you have to do is actually do your workout rather than mulling over where, when, and how you should exercise.

4. Exercise in Chunks

If you're a mom, your schedule is probably packed full. Hitting the gym for 30 minutes or an hour is practically unheard of now that you've had kids. But what about all those 10-minute chunks of time you spend on Facebook or tidying the living room? Use those for exercise instead! Put on a HIIT exercise video, grab your dumbbells, or run sprints in your yard. Complete three or four of these "chunks" each day and you have a complete workout.

5. Move More

There are so many ways to fit more movement into your day so you can burn those calories without even noticing. Bike or walk to work instead of driving. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Go for a walk or run on your lunch break. Take "movement breaks" at your desk to do some squats or lift weights. If you do all these things, you'll be living a more active lifestyle even if you can't fit a workout in every day.