Fun Ways Moms Can Stay Active with Their New Baby

Fun Ways Moms Can Stay Active with Their New Baby

Entering into the realm of motherhood is an exciting time, but it also means that you have fewer free minutes for yourself. Instead of relegating yourself to a sedentary lifestyle, you can try some suggestions for still getting in activities with your new baby.


Before babies are even one year of age, you can often enroll them in swimming courses. Look for classes that allow you to get into the water too. Even if you aren't participating in competitive races as you did in high school or college, your body is still moving around, and you are beginning to show your little one how important movement is.


While your little ones aren't ready to take to the balance beam yet, your community may offer classes where you can get them started with tumbling and crawling. You may think that this activity doesn't involve a great deal of physical activity for you, but once your baby is crawling, walking and even running across the floor, you'll have plenty of exercise to get in.


You've probably seen moms running through the neighborhood while pushing a stroller in front of them. Maybe you even thought that you could never manage to do that. Starting slow is important, but once you get into a routine, you'll be surprised at how great it feels to get in a run and still spend time with your precious baby.


Don't underestimate the value of walking. Chances are that you want to get to know your community better and the opportunities that it has for you and your growing family. Walking is an excellent way to learn what the neighborhood has to offer. You get to exercise, and both you and your baby get fresh air.

Music Classes

One day, you might see your kids marching in the school or town parade. For now, you can take them to music classes where they are encouraged to move their bodies to the sound of instruments or tunes. These classes can also help them to develop motor skills as they are encouraged to pick up instruments and play them.

When you want to infuse healthy levels of activity into your life, you do not need to surrender the desire to do so just because you had a baby. In fact, you can start to promote healthy habits in your kids starting early on in their lives. When you show them that you value exercise and a healthy lifestyle, you can encourage them to do so as well.