Fitness Routines All Moms Must Follow

Fitness Routines All Moms Must Follow

As a mom, you might find that it's hard to get the exercise that you want or need every day. There are chores around the house, taking care of the kids and working if you have a job outside the home. Even though the demands of being a mom don't stop, it's important to take time for yourself to develop a fitness routine so that you're healthy enough to care for your family. There are a few routines and tips that you can follow that only take a few minutes out of the day, some that involve your kids so that they can exercise as well.

Get Started Early

Begin your day with your fitness routine. It might be before everyone in the house gets up, but you'll have it done for the day. Starting your day by exercising can often give you more energy to get things done, especially if you eat a healthy breakfast as well.

Set A Schedule

Make a list of the exercises that you enjoy doing and the times during the week that you have free. Create a calendar based on this information. It's similar to writing appointments on the calendar for doctor's appointments and important meetings. When you set a time to exercise, stick with it instead of finding an excuse to back out. Find a sitter, or leave the kids at home with your spouse or an older child who has babysat before.

Your Routine

When you get to the gym or when you begin exercising for the day, think about what areas of the body you want to tone or where you want to lose weight. This will help in determining the kind of exercise that you're going to do and the kind of equipment that you're going to use. Avoid doing random activities as you won't want to exercise if there's not some kind of routine to follow. Try walking a few times a week and doing cardio workouts on other days. You can also add exercises that will build your strength once you figure out how everything will fall into place with your schedule.

Time With The Kids

While exercising is a good way to spend some time alone, it's also a good way to spend more time with your kids if you work all day. Take a hike through a park, enjoy a bike ride together, or go outside a play a few games. Any activity that gets you moving will help with setting the course for your fitness routine.